Cebu eats: Dine like a Guidicelli at Trattoria da Gianni

CEBU — Despite its celebrity pedigree, don’t expect posh fine dining touches at the fairly new Trattoria da Gianni, which is owned by the family of actor Matteo Guidicelli.

Located at the hip Crossroads in Cebu’s Banilad business district, Trattoria da Gianni translates to “small Italian restaurant by Gianni,” which is exactly what this is — a 60-seater, two-storey family-run eatery that offers Italian home cooking.

Gianni is the actor’s grandfather, who passed away last year. Despite the presence of several well-received Italian restaurants in Cebu, the Guidicelli patriarch, who hailed from Northern Italy, reportedly preferred to eat at home.

We would too, judging from the quality of the dishes that we tried during a recent trip to Cebu. Featuring family recipes, the menu consists mostly of rustic, traditional Italian dishes, with a substantial cheese and wine selection.

Here’s a sampling of what to expect:

1. Bruschette

Mango and mozzarella bruschette. Jeeves de Veyra, Contributor

Diners would readily notice that there are no pizzas on the menu. Instead, there are several kinds of bruschettes featuring traditional toppings like pesto, ricotta salami and parma ham. Since this is Cebu, they included one with mango and mozzarella — a refreshing and light starter to kick off your meal.


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Enjoy Home Style Italian Dishes at Trattoria Da Gianni

Cebu is really blessed with hundreds of restaurants offering cuisines from around the world. One of the newest addition to the growing list of restaurants in Cebu is Trattoria Da Gianni, an Italian restaurant specializing on home-style Italian dishes.

Trattoria Da Gianni is owned by the family of Filipino Actor, Matteo Guidicelli and spearheaded by his father, Gianluca and sister, Giorgia. Trattoria Da Gianni was established to honor the memory of their patriarch, Gianni Guidicelli who passed away last year, leaving two of his helpers, Antonia and Jean, with no one to attend to any longer. The fruition of the restaurant has Antonia and Jean something to take care of. It is also the family’s way of thanking them for their service for more than two decades.

Trattoria da Gianni

Trattoria da Gianni, 2F

Trattoria da Gianni

Trattoria da Gianni, 1F

Trattoria da Gianni

Trattoria da Gianni

Trattoria da Gianni

Trattoria da Gianni’s Function Room